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The Role of Diet in the Control of Acne

Diet you take regularly plays an important role in the control of acne. You should develop awareness about the foods that should not be consumed especially when you suffer from acne. Try to avoid fast foods and food items laden with fat and starch. This is because of the fact that fat and starch are considered promoters of acne. It is extremely important to keep a check on your food habits during acne treatment.


Try to develop a habit of eating at a regular time both in the day and in the night. Irregular eating habit can pave the way for constipation which in turn promotes acne to a large extent. Therefore make it a habit to take your meals in time by following a specific schedule. It is important that you consult your dermatologist regularly and discuss the various foods that you are permitted to take during acne treatment.


An intake of various types of vegetables and fruits is highly recommended in the treatment of acne. Make sure that you include varieties of fruits and vegetables in your diet. This is because of the fact that fruits have the capability to ease out your bowels and hence free you from constipation. Acne can be caused by indigestion and constipation. Remember that acne occurs when the waste out of the food you eat on a daily basis gets eliminated right through your skin. This is because of the fact that your body is often not capable of removing the waste out of your diet on its own.


It quite naturally depends upon the skin to complete the act. Therefore the skin becomes susceptible to pimples with redness around them. You can avoid acne by sticking to a diet that suits your body and skin. In other words try to adhere to a diet plan that is bereft of all the ingredients that promote acne.

The Use of Orange and Lemon for Acne Treatment

It is a stunning truth that orange and lemon can play vital roles in the treatment of acne. Although, there are several multiple home remedies suggested in the treatment of acne, orange and lemon are indeed powerful enough to prevent acne from spreading further. Young men and women are more worried about the way acne tends to spread faster if not controlled properly. Therefore they are desperate to use any sort of over-the-counter acne lotion in order to mitigate the effect of acne. It is always important to consult a skin specialist or a dermatologist to know more about home remedies for acne.


All you have to do with orange is peel its skin and grind it to nicety. Then add sufficient amount of water to it to make it a kind of paste. You will have to gently apply the paste to the affected part of your face or the body. Since acne might have spread to other parts of the body starting from face, you would do well to apply this paste to all parts of the body where acne has spread. Acne usually spreads across the neck, shoulders and the back of the body. Repeat the process twice daily. Although acne treatment does not show results overnight it can take a few weeks for the acne scars to get reduced by this particular treatment.


Lemon also plays a great role in the cessation of the irritation resulting due to acne. It has the power to mitigate the effect of acne to a large extent. All you have to do is prepare lemon juice. You will have to just use the lemon juice prepared in the usual fashion to wash your face! It is as simple as that. You will be amazed to see the results for yourself! It will take a few weeks for the wonderful results to show. Thus you would be glad to know that home remedies are wonderful methods to reduce acne.

How to Treat Baby Acne

Babies too can develop acne. If you spot white pimples on the face of your baby with some sort of red skin around them then you would do well to take your baby to the pediatrician instead of using any ointment or lotion bought over-the-counter. It is always beneficial to act upon your pediatrician’s advice. When you spot acne on the body of your baby do not scrub it time and again. This is because of the fact that the skin of a baby is very delicate and hence acne can get aggravated in the process.


Since acne does not get cured in a short span of time you need to be very patient in treating baby acne and wait for baby acne lotions to do the magic for your baby. Make sure that the acne lotion is recommended highly by your pediatrician. The acne lotion meant for babies is marketed by one of the best acne treatment solutions firm and hence you can be sure about the long lasting results in its use. Temperament counts a lot when it comes to treating baby acne. Hence you have to wait for the results with hope and confidence.


Babies between 4 and 6 months of age are normally prone to baby acne. The first signs of acne can be seen on the baby’s face or back even within the first few weeks of her birth. The effective baby acne cream is capable of preventing acne to spread further across the body of the baby. The selection of the right cream is important in the treatment of baby acne. It is said that baby acne is non-harmful and non-alarming and hence as a parent you need not worry too much about its influence on the general body condition of the baby. The use of the proper baby care product is what is required to keep the effect of baby acne at bay

Laser Treatment for Acne

Laser Treatment For Acne

Laser acne treatment is hailed as a definitive way to get rid of acne. Even though this is an expensive solution the popularity of laser acne treatment continue to be on the rise. A physician will usually prescribe this option to patients who have severe instances of acne and when all other treatment options have failed. Laser surgeries are becoming quite common and although it is looked upon as a beauty treatment it is still a surgery and therefore careful consideration must be given before moving forward with it.


What is involved in the laser acne treatment procedure?
First of all the treatment is only administered by doctors who are trained to do so. The affected area is cleaned and the surface is numbed with the application of an anesthetic cream. The laser beams that are controlled by a computer apply heat to the skin in order to remove the glands that are causing the acne. The contact free procedure is considered safe and secure and the beam itself is weak enough that it does not cause damage to other layers or parts of the skin.

Acne Laser Treatment Cost
Expect to pay anywhere between $300 and $3,500 for acne laser treatment depending on the procedure itself and the severity of the acne. The treatment will last no more than one hour. If you can afford the treatment and have tried all other options for treating acne then you should consult with your doctor about laser acne treatment.

How Long Does it take to Recover?
There should be little of no discomfort after completing the treatment. The treated area will be sensitive for 1-2 weeks until it completely heals. There are little to no side effects with laser treatment but there have been reports of the occasional bruising. If this happens it normally goes away within a week or two.

Are there limitations to laser acne treatment?
Even though the success rate of laser treatment is really good there are some factors which will limit the effectiveness of the treatment:

It will not treat the root cause of acne. Laser treatment only deals with the visible effects of acne and since it does not deal with the root cause the acne can reoccur. This is why laser acne treatment should be used in conjunction with an overall course of action including a change of diet, reduction of stress and the use of oral treatments.

It must only be administered by a competent surgeon. There are physicians and cosmetologists who are administering laser treatments without the appropriate training. It is important for you to do your due diligence before you select a surgeon and never make the cost the most important criteria for making a selection.

Laser acne treatment is expensive. Although some health insurance plans will cover the cost most will not unless it is for an extreme case of acne. Find out beforehand from your insurance company before you go ahead and schedule the procedure.

Preparation and recovery. Laser acne treatment will require a few days to prepare beforehand and a few days to recover. Make sure that you make arrangements and plan for this especially if you need to take time away from your job. Make sure that you consider all the options before you choose laser treatment for acne.