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An Amazing Skin Care Product You Must Start Using Now

Majority of people are conscious of the fact that their skin needs good and proper care if they will ever be attractive. It is for this reason you will find a wide variety of lotions and creams on the market as they are being produced from time to time, but majority are yet to discover a powerful skin care product that can meet their needs.

If you have ever desired to know a sure way you can improve on your appearance, or how you can keep your beautiful look, or even if all you want is a skin care product that can fight skin wrinkles, you should opt in for an effective use of lime. It is an amazing natural skin care product yet unknown to many!

Lime is a natural product that has various functions to perform on the skin. It has been proven to improve facial appearance and can ensure a beautiful skin all over the body. Because of its cosmetic power, many body creams contain lime as an active ingredient.

Many believe honey to be the only natural beauty product in nature. As far as skin care is concerned, it may surprise you to discover that lime is as functional as honey. Both lime and honey are the best beauty treatment options. With the two, you are guaranteed of beautiful, shinning skin!

In fact, when used on your teeth, the juice will help to remove blemishes, thus giving you shining teeth. Of course, the look of your teeth is an element of beauty.

In a general sense, most beauty professionals advocate that the usage of skin creams should be reduced or be substituted with natural skin care products, if possible. This is to prevent any outbreaks of bad skin conditions like acne pimples. Really, it’s a proven thing that beauty products often bring about oily skin and clogged pores, and these are conditions that encourage bacteria actions that eventually lead to skin disorders.

However, as a way to combat those tendencies of your skin cream, lime can be used with cream and lotion in your beauty regime to cushion the side effects. Mixing some lime with your beauty products, most especially your cream would serve to neutralize the chances of skin irritations. Therefore, you can safely use skin creams and still be free from any skin disorder while ensuring a healthy, glowing skin.

Also, you can directly apply lime juice to your face or skin, leaving it for about 10 to 15 minutes before washing it off with lukewarm water, then you can apply your moisturizing cream. Lime indeed cleanses, nourishes, and refreshes your skin. This is because it contains photo-nutrients. If you like, mix some lime juice with honey to form a great treatment for oily or dry skin.

In all, it’s not enough for you to know that lime is an amazing skin care product which is naturally available to you; you should apply it often and often to have and maintain a beautiful appearance.

protect your skin from sun

How to Protect Your Skin From The Sun

If you have sensitive skin, you might feel the need to protect your from the sun exposure. You can find sun protection agents in any other the skin care product normally sold in market. But not every cream protects your skin from harm effects of sun.


When your skin is prone to acne or any other conditions, sun exposure can be damaging and may aggravate your condition. Further, it can also cause some pigmentation or black spots. Excessive sun exposure can cause post inflammatory hyper pigmentation, which is the darkening of the skin in areas of inflammation. Additionally, the risk of scarring will also be increased.


The damage of sun exposure for your skin can be explained in few points:

  • It can aggravate your skin disease.
  • It can cause premature aging.
  • It can cause various pigmentation and skin discoloration effects.
  • It can cause instant redness and irritation if you have oily and sensitive skin.

Those are basic damaging effects of too much exposure of sunlight.


Each day, you should not expose your skin to the sun for more than 15 minutes. You should only allow the morning sunlight to penetrate the skin. Other than in the morning, you should always wear a sun screen lotion wherever you go outside. This simple skin care advice can save your skin from the damage caused by excessive sun exposure and protect your skin from sun.


There is no exact difference in skin care treatments for men and women. Usually, the damage of sun exposure is related to two main skin problems such as aggravating your skin disease and premature aging. Therefore, sun protection are if very necessary in order to protect your skin from getting worse.


There are some tips to choose the best sun block for your skin:

Avoid harmful ingredients such as Benzophenone-3 (Bp-3), Octyl-Dimethyl-PABA (OD-PABA), Octyl-methoxycinnamate (OMC), Oxybenzone, Homosalate (HMS), Dioxybenzone, and 4-methyl-benzylidene camphor (4-MBC). Those ingredients may damage your skin and unfortunately, those ingredients can easily be found in various popular sun block products. Apply sunscreen that provides UVA and UVB protection with sun protection factor ( SPF ) of atleast 30.


The usage of natural sun protective lotion is encouraged and must be applied whenever you go outside. Choose safe products with natural ingredients such as virgin coconut oil, aloe vera, and shea butter. If you take care of your skin with some basic tips you can protect your skin from harmful effect of sun. If you have already damage your skin from sunburn, here are some more: Home Remedies for Sunburn

Organic Body Wash

Organic Body Wash

Organic Body Wash is one of the most blissful of all beauty treatments -relax in a tub infused with the scent of herbs or have a long soak in warm water sprinkled with aromatic essential oils.

The first time I started to question the potential impact of cosmetics on my body was after slathering my self in a fabulous, highly perfumed lotion. Five minutes later, it had sunk in. I asked myself: “Where did it go?” Some, I knew (the water and alcohol elements, mostly) had evaporated, but the rest had gone into my skin. Of that, who knows how much had entered my bloodstream, without first being filtered by the liver?

The large surface area of body skin means that you’re potentially exposed to a much higher level of chemicals than via, say, your light nightly dab of eye cream. (The sheer speed with which you get through a bottle of body lotion should tell you that.) As a shortcut, look to the following companies, which make Organic Body Wash all-natural, synthetic-preservative-free organic body products: Weleda, Dr. Hauschka, Green People’s Company, Living Nature, Burt’s Bees, Lavera, and Logona, among others.

Alternatively, instead of organic body cream, try infusing the bath or moisturizing the body with organic body oils such as jojoba, almond, or grape seed, to which a few drops of essential oils have been added. That way, you will avoid the long list of preservatives that go into many body creams and lotions, since blends based exclusively on oils don’t need them to stay uncontaminated. Some essential oils also act as natural preservatives.

Make sure your bottles are kept away from sunlight to maximize their shelf life and to prevent the organic body oils from becoming rancid.

Bathroom bliss
For many of us, the bathroom is one place where we can lock the door, stop the world, and escape, yet all too often, a bath becomes just another everyday task on life’s “To Do” list. For many, the bath has given way to shortcut showering, instead.

Physiologically, the relaxing effects of soaking in water are easy to understand: warm water displaces weight, making you feel light. As your capillaries dilate from its warmth, your blood pressure drops. What’s more, according to Diane Ackerman, author of A Natural History of the Senses, a soak in the tub is a “ritual that is restorative, sensuous, religious, or calming.”

Anything you use to enhance the ritual can only help nudge you toward aquatic nirvana. A bath can be sheer, indulgent pleasure, but it can also be easily supercharged into something that is more than mere liquid refreshment, by tailoring your ritual to boost energy, relax, recharge, or deliver a sense of stillness in a mad, mad world.

The good news is that the bathtub is one zone where it couldn’t be easier to go organic. Instead of foams, which are detergent-based (and usually dry the skin), switch to fragrant oils. Used to infuse baths, they can help with improving your mood while replenishing your skin at the same time. Many aromatherapy companies offer premixed bath blends based on pure vegetable oils and essential oils, and oils, as a rule, don’t need to have preservatives added to them. However, be sure to check the label and make sure there’s no mineral oil in the recipe.

In natural food stores, entirely natural soaps are now more widely available, made from hardened fats and oils, and fragranced with plant elements; some are even organically based. Look for bath salts – crystal or Dead Sea salt – to which blends of aromatherapy oils have been added. Alternatively try organic body oils, soaks, bath “teas,” and salts.