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All About Men’s Fitness Magazine

Men’s Fitness magazine is published by American Media, Inc. and is aimed at men that are interested in fitness, nutrition, sports, and the outdoors. It has the slogan “How the Best Man Wins” and is issued 10 times a year.


The very first issue of Men’s Fitness was published in 1988 in the United States, and since then its popularity has steadily increased and it is now one of the most popular magazines in its niche. Not only is it published in the USA, but the UK, Russia and Australia all sell their own editions too. It is worth noting though that since 2009 the UK edition is now published by Dennis Publishing rather than American Media, Inc. The magazine’s popularity has risen so sharply that between 1997 and 2003 its readership doubled.


Men’s Fitness often has famous faces (and bodies) on its front cover, including Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino, Karen McDougal, Carmen Electra, Pamela Anderson, Joe Weider, Andy Roddick, Dana White, Robert Marting, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Reggie Bush, Sebastian Siegel, Ja Rule, and Albert Pujols.


Men’s Fitness has had its fair share of controversy. For example, in 2007, Andy Roddick complained that Men’s Fitness had altered the appearance of his body for the cover image. He wrote about the subject on his own website, saying that if people were able to stop laughing at the cover long enough, they should check out the article inside, and that he didn’t realise he had 22-inch guns and a disappearing birthmark on his right arm. The magazine replied by saying that they had only enhanced his arm, not entirely replaced it.


In a previous incident, in October 2001 the magazine stirred up some negative publicity for itself by including an article, written by Jordan Burchette, which mocked the appearance of people attending the New York Comic Con. It was titled “NY Comic Con: Flabby Versions of Your Favorite Superheroes!” and featured embarrassing photos with unflattering comments next to them.


Several websites frequented by Comic Con fans made their own comments on the incident. One website,, slammed the article for being badly written, and also criticised the response of the magazine and author, saying that they merely defended it by saying it was supposed to be comedy. However, despite this, the article was removed on October 24th after receiving a large number of complaints. The magazine Maxim also ran their own article on the subject.


Although Men’s Fitness is one of the leading magazines for men’s health and fitness, it does have one big rival: Men’s Health. If anything, Men’s Health is possibly slightly more popular than Men’s Fitness. For example, their website gets 38,000,000 hits every month.


Men’s Health has 44 different versions, and has over 20,000,000 readers all around the world. Not only is it published in the USA, but many other countries too, such as the United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, France, India, Greece, Italy, Indonesia, South Korea, Kazakhstan, Netherlands, Malaysia, Poland, Philippines, Romania, Portugal, Serbia, Russia, South Africa, Singapore, Thailand, Spain, Ukraine, Turkey, Croatia, and Brazil.


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