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Sit Properly to Avoid Back Pain

More and more people spend a large part of the day sitting down, whether at home or at work. The sitting position places more strain on the spine than either walking or lying down, so it is important to sit correctly if you are to avoid back pain. Well-designed furniture can help to keep your back fit.

The spine has a natural S-shape that is most pronounced in the lumbar region – the area known as the small of the back. If you sit correctly, your spine naturally assumes this S-shape and most of your weight is supported by the bottom of the pelvis. But if you slump in your seat, the lumbar spine and pelvis form a C-shape, putting great pressure on the joints, discs and muscles of the lower back.

The right furniture
Although many office workers spend up to 40 hours a week sitting in the same chair, some standard office furniture is not designed with the comfort of the back in mind. A good office chair needs to be fully and easily adjustable, and should work well with the rest of the furniture. The benefits of a new and supportive chair will be reduced if the arm rests prevent you from sitting with your legs under the desk or your feet flat on the floor, for example.

A well-designed hard chair can be just as comfortable as a soft one, and will be more likely to encourage a sitting posture that is beneficial to your back.

‘Kneeling” chair
A chair on which you “kneel” allows you to sit in a posture that preserves your hack’s natural S-curve and distributes your body weight evenly between your knees and buttocks. Some designs have an integral rocking action that allows for continual changes in posture.

Leaning forward
If your work involves a lot of reading, writing or bending over a desk, a sloping work surface such as those used by draftsmen and architects is ideal. If this is impractical, prop up your reading matter against a few books or filing trays. Leaning forward over a desk places great strain on the discs in your umbar region.

Computer posture
If you work at a c
omputer, the keyboard should be in front of the screen. Adjust your seat to place the keyboard roughly at elbow height while allowing your feet to rest firmly on the floor. Your forearms should be reasonably horizontal, and you should be looking slightly downward.

The seat should support your thighs, but the front edge should not dig into them. Adjust the backrest to support the small of your back. If your chair does not provide sufficient lumbar support, try placing one or two cushions behind the small of your back.

Looking down and sideways to copy from documents can lead to neck and back strain. Try using a copyholder to hold the documents beside the screen.

How to Treat Back Pain with Hypnosis

Hypnotism’s ability to reach and make connections in the individual’s subconscious makes it a powerful tool for healing. In recent years the benefits of applied hypnosis, in the form of hypnotherapy, have begun to be recognized. However, the history of hypnotism means that many people still regard it with a mixture of fear and scepticism.

Throughout history there have been healers reputedly able to cure the sick after placing them in a state resembling sleep. Modern medicine’s interest in the potential healing powers of hypnosis began in the 18th century as a result the work of the Austrian physician Franz Anton Mesmer. Mesmer, who lived and worked in Paris, pioneered the uses of both hypnotism and psychoanalysis (a technique elaborated by Sigmund Freud more than 100 years later) in medicine.

Mesmer believed it was possible to harness mental energy and developed rituals around his treatments that hypnotized, or “mesmerized”, his patients. His ideas were fashionable for a time but he was later denounced as a fraud by the French Academy of Medicine.

In the 1840s, however, Mesmer’s work was taken up by Scottish physician James Braid. Braid showed that a trance could be induced easily and that, while in this condition, individuals could not be forced to act against their will. As a result, the medical profession began to take a serious interest in hypnotism and for many years, until the introduction of safe anaesthetics, it was used to reduce pain during surgery.

At the end of the 19th century Freud used hypnotism to help patients remember traumas in their childhood but then abandoned the technique in favour of psychoanalysis. Hypnotism fell into decline until the 1950s, but in 1958 the American Medical Association approved hypnotism as a useful medical tool.

Since then, hypnotherapy has been used to treat a great number of physical and psychological problems, including chronic pain, migraine, headaches, muscle tension, anxiety states, stress-related conditions, depression, addictions and phobias. Dentists often use hypnotherapy to overcome a patient’s fear of pain, while obstetricians frequently employ the technique to reduce pain during childbirth.

Hypnotherapy in Practice
A hypnotic trance is a state between waking and sleeping. In this state you are aware of everything going on around you but feel completely detached from it. However, you are able to speak and to end the trance if you wish to.

For years scientists have tried to explain how hypnotherapy works. Many experts now believe that hypnosis puts the two sides of the brain – the left, which tends to deal with language and logic, and the right, which handles emotions and symbolism – in closer communication with each other. This allows connections between behaviour and its underlying causes to be identified and understood.

Research has shown that during a hypnotic trance the body relaxes deeply and that there are beneficial changes in heart rate, breathing and blood pressure similar to those seen during meditation.

Although in skilled hands hypnosis is a very safe technique, it can be dangerous if mishandled, so it is important to consult a qualified practitioner, preferably one with training in clinical psychology, or a therapist who is also a medical doctor or a dentist. Most people can be hypnotized easily and practitioners use a variety of standard techniques.

A Hypnotherapy Session
The therapy will take place in the practitioner’s office, which usually has subdued lighting and comfortable furniture. When you are sitting or reclining comfortably, the therapist will carefully explain what is involved in the process. You should feel relaxed, calm and, above all, safe. (If, for any reason, you do not feel at ease with the therapist, do not feel awkward about terminating the session at this stage.)

The therapist will attempt to relax you further by asking you to imagine you are drifting or sinking into comfort or by describing a beautiful, peaceful scene to you. As you relax, your eyelids will begin to feel heavy and your eyes will close. You are aware but detached.

Once you are in a light trance, the therapist can start to investigate the causes of your particular condition or problem and, once they are identified, can suggest solutions to you. There is a widespread, but unfounded, fear that once under the “spell” of a hypnotist individuals can be made to behave in uncharacteristic ways. In this condition you are open to suggestion but cannot be made to accept or do anything you would not normally wish to.

The Hypnotic Stale
If hypnotism appeals to you as a therapy, you should visit a hypnotist. After a few sessions, however, you may also be taught self-hypnosis. This enables you to induce what is known as an auto-hypnotic state at home and remain in it for about 20 minutes at a time. The benefits in terms of deep relaxation and the effects on heart rate, blood pressure and breathing are the same whether you induce the state yourself or are hypnotized by a therapist. However, it is important that you are taught such techniques by a properly qualified practitioner.

The Role of Diet in the Control of Acne

Diet you take regularly plays an important role in the control of acne. You should develop awareness about the foods that should not be consumed especially when you suffer from acne. Try to avoid fast foods and food items laden with fat and starch. This is because of the fact that fat and starch are considered promoters of acne. It is extremely important to keep a check on your food habits during acne treatment.


Try to develop a habit of eating at a regular time both in the day and in the night. Irregular eating habit can pave the way for constipation which in turn promotes acne to a large extent. Therefore make it a habit to take your meals in time by following a specific schedule. It is important that you consult your dermatologist regularly and discuss the various foods that you are permitted to take during acne treatment.


An intake of various types of vegetables and fruits is highly recommended in the treatment of acne. Make sure that you include varieties of fruits and vegetables in your diet. This is because of the fact that fruits have the capability to ease out your bowels and hence free you from constipation. Acne can be caused by indigestion and constipation. Remember that acne occurs when the waste out of the food you eat on a daily basis gets eliminated right through your skin. This is because of the fact that your body is often not capable of removing the waste out of your diet on its own.


It quite naturally depends upon the skin to complete the act. Therefore the skin becomes susceptible to pimples with redness around them. You can avoid acne by sticking to a diet that suits your body and skin. In other words try to adhere to a diet plan that is bereft of all the ingredients that promote acne.

How to Make Teeth White with Teeth Whitening Pen

A teeth whitening pen is an easy to use pen that contains whitening solution. Have you ever used liquid paper to erase something you wrote in pen? This is similar to how that works, but it is done just for your teeth. When it comes to teeth whitening pens, there are many different kinds teeth whitening products that you can choose from, so you really should take the time in choosing the one for you. A teeth whitening pen will contain some teeth whitening gel, which is applied to the surface of your teeth. When you undergo laser whitening procedure, this is the exact same solution that is used.

When using a teeth whitening pen, you only need to follow a few simple steps. In most cases, you will begin to see results within a few weeks of use. Just like how most teeth whitening strips work, it could take up to four weeks to begin to see one single shade of white.

1. Before you begin using the pen, you need to thoroughly brush and rinse your mouth with water. Avoid using any sort of mouthwash, as it will leave stains on your teeth. The whitening gel will be more effective in getting to your enamel layer, if it has a clean surface to work on.


2. Take your teeth whitening pen and remove the protective covering and lightly squeeze on the tube to allow the gel to seep out. Practice holding and applying the gel before you actually do so.

3. For better whitening results, the whitening gel should be applied to your teeth twice a day; in the morning and night. If you only use your teeth whitening pen a few times a week, it may not be effective in giving you that clean smile you’ve always wanted.

So, there you have it, three simple steps to begin using your teeth whitening pen. Most pens will have a faint tip at the end, so you should be very careful when applying the gel, as you don’t want to squeeze too hard. Apart from this, you should be well on your way to having that clean white set of teeth you deserve!

Know about Teeth Whitening Gels

People have become more conscious of their general health these days thanks to the growing number of health-related and wellness products across the Internet. Teeth whitening gel is one such product that keeps your teeth white and brings back your lost smile. Application of teeth whitening gel brings back the lost glory of the teeth as well. It is one of the finest ways of whitening your teeth.


It is heartening to know that teeth whitening products are affordable. This is especially true of the teeth whitening gel. As a matter of fact teeth whitening gel is very easy to use. All you have to do is apply it to the teeth in such a way that the chemical used in the making of the gel does not get spilled into the inside of the mouth. In the same way the chemical used in the preparation of the teeth whitening get should not get outside the mould too until it is used properly.


In other words it can be said that the gel should be used properly to derive the maximum benefits out of it. The chemical used in the making of the gel is hydrogen peroxide. In fact some of the variants of this chemical also are used in the preparation of the teeth whitening gel. Use the manual that you receive along with the gel carefully. Make the dentures according to the recommendations made by your dentist and then set the mould on the dentures carefully. The specific rules laid down in the user manual should be followed with precision. Nice results have been experienced in the past by the users of the teeth whitening gel. Reading of the testimonials left by the users of the gel will do a world of good to your confidence and faith on the product.

How to Buy Teeth Whitening Products

It is easy to buy teeth whitening products thanks to the advent of Internet. It is said that the Internet is the storehouse of all kinds of knowledge. All you have to do is browse through the Internet by spending considerable amount of time to spot some of the genuine sites that are adept in the marketing and the selling of quality teeth whitening products.


You will surely come across scores of such websites but you have to be careful enough not to be duped by some of the scam sites or illegitimate sites.


It is heartening to note that most of the genuine and legitimate sites that sell teeth whitening products offer impeccable customer service as well. Check the customer reviews when it comes to the quality of these products. Reading customer reviews written by the real users across the Internet will do a world of good to your belief in these products. Most websites that sell teeth whitening products publish the testimonials left by the real users of these products. You should read them to get convinced about the quality of the products.


One of the finest advantages of buying teeth whitening products online is that you will be in a position to compare the prices among the other products marketed and sold by the other competitor websites too. This kind of advantage cannot be experienced by you if you shop offline. At the same time you do not face the problem of shortage of stock if you shop for teeth whitening products online. On the other hand there is always the problem of shortage of products when it comes to offline shopping. You will also be amazed to find the results produced by the teeth whitening products. Many a person is satisfied by the wonderful results produced by these products. Buying teeth whitening products is highly recommended even by the experienced and practicing dentists across the globe.

Cosmetic Surgery and Lasers

Cosmetic surgery is performed with the purpose to enhance the appearance of the people, as such existing its classes of body contouring, facial restructuring, or the return to the look of youth age.


Many techniques are available through cosmetic surgery, and one of them is the non-invasive cosmetic surgery technique. These options should always be discussed with your physician allowing you to be more informed on the matter.


How to improve your appearance using laser and cosmetic surgery? Many individuals are looking towards cosmetic surgery with the purpose to build on their own image, as many of them are very opinionated on themselves.


Deciding to have a cosmetic surgery you should be aware that it is not suggested to people who do not have any connection to reality or the ones who had undergone a psychological trauma. In this situation it is better for these people to wait and to reconsider the option after the situation is under control.


Laser and cosmetic surgery are considered as a choice of your own selection, resulting as such an elective surgery. These are normally not covered by the health insurance policy. When it comes to the price, this one varies from $200 to thousands of dollars, depending on different factors. Financing options for these procedures can be found through the health care financing agency, the surgeon’s office or a traditional financial organization.


You should be reminded that the healing process can take from one week to several weeks and in case time is one of your issues, do inquire your surgeon about less invasive procedures or the alternatives, such as non-invasive procedures that are at lower costs at the same time.


Cosmetic Surgery and Lasers, as with any other surgical procedure, involve some doses of risk due to perhaps a medical condition, or family ‘heritage’ of a lung disease, blood clots and obesity. There can be as well some possible difficulties such as numbness, dizziness, bleeding and bruising.


Also with the less invasive procedures the risk of let’s say, laser skin resurfacing can also be present through potential complications. The procedures involved in skin resurfacing contain a risk for getting scarred, burnt or skin discoloring.


Check on your surgeon medical background and make sure he/she is board certified ‘via’ a reputable association, such as it is for instance American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Laser and cosmetic surgery is supposed to make your look more attractive, but you should note that the pictures of these procedures shouldn’t necessary apply to you too when it comes to the physical results.


But you can take your chance and reach for the surgeon who is reputable and experience and consult with him/her on what is the best for your needs.

protect your skin from sun

How to Protect Your Skin From The Sun

If you have sensitive skin, you might feel the need to protect your from the sun exposure. You can find sun protection agents in any other the skin care product normally sold in market. But not every cream protects your skin from harm effects of sun.


When your skin is prone to acne or any other conditions, sun exposure can be damaging and may aggravate your condition. Further, it can also cause some pigmentation or black spots. Excessive sun exposure can cause post inflammatory hyper pigmentation, which is the darkening of the skin in areas of inflammation. Additionally, the risk of scarring will also be increased.


The damage of sun exposure for your skin can be explained in few points:

  • It can aggravate your skin disease.
  • It can cause premature aging.
  • It can cause various pigmentation and skin discoloration effects.
  • It can cause instant redness and irritation if you have oily and sensitive skin.

Those are basic damaging effects of too much exposure of sunlight.


Each day, you should not expose your skin to the sun for more than 15 minutes. You should only allow the morning sunlight to penetrate the skin. Other than in the morning, you should always wear a sun screen lotion wherever you go outside. This simple skin care advice can save your skin from the damage caused by excessive sun exposure and protect your skin from sun.


There is no exact difference in skin care treatments for men and women. Usually, the damage of sun exposure is related to two main skin problems such as aggravating your skin disease and premature aging. Therefore, sun protection are if very necessary in order to protect your skin from getting worse.


There are some tips to choose the best sun block for your skin:

Avoid harmful ingredients such as Benzophenone-3 (Bp-3), Octyl-Dimethyl-PABA (OD-PABA), Octyl-methoxycinnamate (OMC), Oxybenzone, Homosalate (HMS), Dioxybenzone, and 4-methyl-benzylidene camphor (4-MBC). Those ingredients may damage your skin and unfortunately, those ingredients can easily be found in various popular sun block products. Apply sunscreen that provides UVA and UVB protection with sun protection factor ( SPF ) of atleast 30.


The usage of natural sun protective lotion is encouraged and must be applied whenever you go outside. Choose safe products with natural ingredients such as virgin coconut oil, aloe vera, and shea butter. If you take care of your skin with some basic tips you can protect your skin from harmful effect of sun. If you have already damage your skin from sunburn, here are some more: Home Remedies for Sunburn

Laser Treatment for Acne

Laser Treatment For Acne

Laser acne treatment is hailed as a definitive way to get rid of acne. Even though this is an expensive solution the popularity of laser acne treatment continue to be on the rise. A physician will usually prescribe this option to patients who have severe instances of acne and when all other treatment options have failed. Laser surgeries are becoming quite common and although it is looked upon as a beauty treatment it is still a surgery and therefore careful consideration must be given before moving forward with it.


What is involved in the laser acne treatment procedure?
First of all the treatment is only administered by doctors who are trained to do so. The affected area is cleaned and the surface is numbed with the application of an anesthetic cream. The laser beams that are controlled by a computer apply heat to the skin in order to remove the glands that are causing the acne. The contact free procedure is considered safe and secure and the beam itself is weak enough that it does not cause damage to other layers or parts of the skin.

Acne Laser Treatment Cost
Expect to pay anywhere between $300 and $3,500 for acne laser treatment depending on the procedure itself and the severity of the acne. The treatment will last no more than one hour. If you can afford the treatment and have tried all other options for treating acne then you should consult with your doctor about laser acne treatment.

How Long Does it take to Recover?
There should be little of no discomfort after completing the treatment. The treated area will be sensitive for 1-2 weeks until it completely heals. There are little to no side effects with laser treatment but there have been reports of the occasional bruising. If this happens it normally goes away within a week or two.

Are there limitations to laser acne treatment?
Even though the success rate of laser treatment is really good there are some factors which will limit the effectiveness of the treatment:

It will not treat the root cause of acne. Laser treatment only deals with the visible effects of acne and since it does not deal with the root cause the acne can reoccur. This is why laser acne treatment should be used in conjunction with an overall course of action including a change of diet, reduction of stress and the use of oral treatments.

It must only be administered by a competent surgeon. There are physicians and cosmetologists who are administering laser treatments without the appropriate training. It is important for you to do your due diligence before you select a surgeon and never make the cost the most important criteria for making a selection.

Laser acne treatment is expensive. Although some health insurance plans will cover the cost most will not unless it is for an extreme case of acne. Find out beforehand from your insurance company before you go ahead and schedule the procedure.

Preparation and recovery. Laser acne treatment will require a few days to prepare beforehand and a few days to recover. Make sure that you make arrangements and plan for this especially if you need to take time away from your job. Make sure that you consider all the options before you choose laser treatment for acne.


How to Become Pregnant

How to Become Pregnant

Becoming pregnant can be one of the most full filling things in life but knowing how to become pregnant or when to get pregnant can be a tricky one. While many decide that they are ready to have a baby but for others it can take a while to succeed in getting pregnant. Of course we all know that having sex is the typical way to become pregnant but some just need extra assistance. For example women should be aware of how their body works and what is going on with it throughout the month. If you can maintain and track your body can increase your chances of fertility.


You should track your monthly cycles so you know when your monthly period is approaching, also you will need to learn about ovulation. This is the best time span to try to become pregnant. It enhances your chances if you know when that window is open. When making love you will need to know that the sperm needs to be fused with your ova or eggs so your eggs can be fertilized appropriately. If possible try to plan on making love around the time that you are ovulating.


You will want to begin preparing your body for pregnancy even before you become pregnant such as eating right and balancing your diet. Making sure you get the right minerals for your body will not only help to improve your body but it will be ready to nourish your unborn baby when you succeed in becoming pregnant.


Visiting your gynecologist or family doctor would also be a wise idea. While you are still in the conceiving phase it is never to early to have a physical and the advice of a professional. If things aren’t working out on your own you may need additional suggestions on how to become pregnant which they can provide you.


There are medications available to help increase the odds of fertility over a period of time. While it may take these longer to work it will give you more time for your pregnancy preparation in other ways such as getting any loose ends tied up, preparing financially and doing things that you may not be able to do when the baby is born. You will want to discuss the future with your significant other to make sure this is what you both want and plan on sharing the responsibility of a new baby.


Becoming pregnant can depend on many different factors so whether you are one of the lucky ones who are able to conceive right away or those who need extra help try to stay relaxed and calm about the process. Stressing about it or over trying often results in more problems becoming pregnant so try to enjoy trying until you succeed.